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In nature Crypsis is the “ability to avoid observation and to blend into one’s environment”. The aptly named Crypsis Lighting System is a fully interactive, seamless and transparent low voltage lighting system that discreetly provides high intensity fully adjustable light.

With the aid of an external magnetic control puck, Crypsis light units can be repositioned, dimmed, clustered together and operated in either a horizontal or vertical plane. The low voltage system uses no batteries or direct wiring and opens up a new freedom in commercial and domestic lighting.

Key benefits

  • Pin point accuracy with LED light
  • Full interaction and control of LED light
  • Ability to easily move the LED light source within the glass plane without the need for rewiring
  • Ability to control spread, intensity, optical effects and movement
  • Ease of installation and replacement
  • Bespoke glass sizes and multiple light sources possible.
  • Technology that can be applied to a diverse range of products

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