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The Crypsis System includes the following key components a glass panel, light units, control puck, access power point and transformer (supplied with glass panel). All of these components can be tailored for bespoke applications, allowing the technology to be used within a diverse range of products and markets.

Once the system is installed, internal light units can be moved to any area of the glass panel with the external magnetic puck. Light units will maintain illumination in motion, and when static allowing for precise lighting effects.

If several objects are being illuminated from the same panel, individual light units can be dimmed at different intensities. Individual light units can also be inverted, to project light from both sides of the panel.

The first Crypsis applications will be seen within the Museum showcase market, with additional applications in retail, point of sale, interior design, architecture, medical and furniture following soon.

Installation benefits

  • Panels function both vertically or horizontally
  • Can be incorporated into any desired structure
  • Numerous light units can be used within a single Crypsis panel
  • Light units can be moved and repositioned independently
  • Light units can be dimmed individually
  • The final system operates at 18V
  • Operates on all world voltages and frequencies
  • Additional light units and pucks can be added as required
  • All light units and pucks are interchangeable