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Crypsis Lighting: Light in Motion

Crypsis Lighting research, design and manufacture high quality innovative lighting solutions for the domestic and commercial world lighting markets.

The emerging Crypsis brand aims to continually innovate and add value to a user’s experience of light by developing our innovative range of Crypsis lighting products.

Crypsis technology exploits the low voltage capability of LED lighting beyond that of historic bulb replacement and static LED systems. This allows Crypsis products to break the constraints of currently understood lighting systems, and open a new era of possibilities in commercial and domestic lighting.

Crypsis Lighting was formed in 2013 to commercialise the interactive lighting technology invented by Cohda Design in 2003.  Crypsis Lighting now manages the supply chain of innovation, design, assembly and manufacture of Crypsis products worldwide.

Crypsis markets include interior design, exhibition design, museum, architecture and contemporary lighting.